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Craigslist Missed Connections: Whole Foods Checkout Line

Whole Foods checkout line–Sat. 8:30pm in the snow and sparkles–w4m (Harlem/Morningside) It was sweetly obvious, you in a hat and glasses glimpsing me, me in my hat and glasses smiling back. My sister chatting away on her phone trying to create enough distraction so we could talk. Some ruse about a lost glove. A jumbled […]

Craigslist Missed Connections: For you…my YOU (w4m)

R– This is 4 U. Maybe the right “r” maybe wrong… Anyways…all good things to you, always. M NOT MICHELLE     NOT MARIA NOT MARIA            NOT MARGARET NOT MELISSA        NOT MARGUERITE Dear MARIA (I’ll get to this in a moment), My parents always taught me to act grateful when I receive a gift, even if I […]