Pope’s Death Turns Out To Be April Fool’s Day Joke

  THE VATICAN—Pope John Paul II faked his own death yesterday, resulting in what may very well be the most elaborate and successful April Fool’s Day joke ever constructed. Upon hearing of the Pope’s death, thousands of Catholics participated in a candlelight vigil outside of the Vatican. Just then, in a rare display of humor, […]

Egyptian Protesters Glad It’s Friday, Looking Foward To Protesting Again On Monday

  CAIRO, EGYPT– Chants of “Down with Mubarak” have been replaced by chants of “TGIF” as thousands of protesters stormed the nations capital in celebration of the fact that the weekend is finally here. “After a week of dodging rubber bullets and tear gas, I’m looking forward to a couple of days of some much […]

Pubs In Ireland Projected To Be Slightly Busy Tomorrow

IRELAND-Despite a lagging economy and a culture that heavily frowns upon the consumption of alcohol, top economists are projecting that pubs in Ireland will experience a slight increase in revenue tomorrow. The increase is expected due to St. Patrick’s Day, an Irish holiday that, until recently, remained in obscurity to both the rest of the […]