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Pop Quiz, Hotshot!

I was riding the Q6 bus in Queens last night, and I asked the bus driver if someone who has never driven a bus can instantly figure out how to do it like Sandra Bullock did in Speed.

He said that it’s not much different from driving a car, but that there’s a trick to making turns that she probably would not have figured out without some training. He also said that most buses are designed to not go faster than 40 MPH, which makes the entire movie bullshit.

That was disappointing to learn (even though Dennis Hopper is now dead, so we would probably be safe anyway). But I’ve been thinking about this ever since I first saw Speed twenty years ago, and it’s really nice to finally get some closure.

cc: Speedy Gonzalez


One comment on “Pop Quiz, Hotshot!

  1. You know, I always wondered about that. Thanks for clarifying. Good to know.

    Not sure how much you fly, but next time before locating your seat, ask the pilot about landing a plane like Robert Hayes in Airplane.

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