So Called “Artists” Who Torture and Murder Animals


Let me start by admitting that I never really liked artists very much to begin with. Whether they’re painters, sculptors, actors (especially actors), writers, musicians, dancers, etc., artists are usually lazy, overgrown children who refuse to actually work for a living. Delusional and arrogant, they always assume that they are the most interesting and important person in the room, even if someone else in the room is working to cure cancer (“They’re only doing that because they have to, because unlike me, they don’t have enough courage to take a chance and try to become a movie star. I bet he envies me for that.”). Humans beings come up with many different excuses to torture and murder animals (food, clothing, entertainment, scientific research, etc.) and I could make a valid argument against each one of those excuses. But the least acceptable excuse to torture and kill an animal is because some attention starved, talentless cocksucker who was never hugged enough by Mommy and Daddy as a child decided to put on a little “art” display.

To be fair, I’ll list an exception. Mark Barrone and Marina Dervan are co-founders of the non-profit “An Act of Dog.” Mark is an award winning artist who is using his talents to save shelter dogs. Every day, 5,500 shelter dogs are murdered across the United States. Mark is painting 5,500 portraits of murdered shelter dogs and displaying them in the Mellwood Art Center in Louisville, Kentucky. Once the 5,500 paintings are completed, he will display them in a permanent museum devoted to raising funds for No Kill shelters. As you can see from the following video, he does incredible work:

Artists need to be more like Mark Barone, and less like the following sociopaths.

Hermann Nitsch

I mention Hermann Nitsch first because there is currently a petition on change.org to get his “3-Tage-Spiel” exhibit banned from the Leipziger Schauspielhaus in Germany (http://www.change.org/de/Petitionen/hermann-nitsch-fight-against-the-murder-of-animals-for-the-sake-of-art). This exhibit involves the slaughtering of a cow and three pigs. Nitsch first came upon the “art” scene back in the 1960’s when he exhibited a skinned and mutilated lamb which he crucified.


Huang Yong Ping

A Chinese “artist” living in Paris, Huang Yong Ping pitted live, caged animals against each other in the Vancouver “Art” Gallery. As part of the “House of Oracles: A Huang Yong Ping Retrospective” exhibit, “Theater of the World” was a sculpture that housed lizards, scorpions, tarantulas, and other animals together in a cage. The director of the Vancouver “Art” Gallery said that the installation “encouraged people to think seriously about the dynamics of power in today’s society.” Sure it did. That right there is the problem with these “artist” fucks. Any type of disgusting, repulsive behavior can be excused as long as you attempt to justify it by saying something meaningless like, “This is about the masks that people put on in their everyday lives,” or “The murder of that baby seal represents man’s inner turmoil.” Wow! That was deep! And of course, if you have enough morals and common sense to object to their cruelty, the “artist” immediately becomes the victim of “censorship,” which is what Huang Yong Ping claimed after the exhibit was shut down by the SPCA. Huang’s press release said that critics “completely ignored the concept and ideology behind this particular art work, citing instead the doctrines of so-called ‘animal rights’ that violently interfere with the rights of an art work to be freely exhibited in an art museum.” Awwww! The poor little “victim” might have to actually go out and get a job now! Can you imagine?

Damien Hirst

Damien Hirst is another subhuman who’s not smart enough to have a real job. As a result, he has made a career out of chopping up animals and preserving them in formaldehyde. When he did this back in 2004 to a great white shark, he became the second highest paid living “artist,” which tells you everything you’ll ever need to know about the “art” world. By the way, because the shark wasn’t preserved properly and started to deteriorate, Hirst’s team went out and killed another twenty-five-year-old great white shark and repeated the process. As part of the same exhibit, Hirst put a dead sheep in a glass tank full of formaldehyde. In “Mother and Child Divided,” Hirst had a mother cow and her calf sliced in half in a glass tank of formaldehyde.

formaldehyde sharksheepcalves

Hirst doesn’t just limit himself to formaldehyde. In an “art” installation titled “In and Out of Love,” shown at the Tate Modern in early 2012, Hirst filled two white and windowless rooms with live butterflies. The absurd show resulted in the total death of over 9,000 butterflies, with 400 deaths per week.

Marco Evaristti

In 2003, Chilean-born, Danish based “artist” Marco Evaristti created an installation titled “Helena,” which featured live goldfish swimming in functional blenders that visitors were invited to turn on if they so wished. At least one visitor did, killing two goldfish. What was Evaristti’s excuse? “The idea was to place people before a dilemma: to choose between life and death. It was a protest against what is going on in the world, against this cynicism, this brutality that impregnates the world in which we live.”

Tom Otterness

In 1977, Otterness created a film in which he shot and killed a dog from an animal shelter.


In 2007, the “art” collective Voina walked into a Moscow McDonald’s and threw cats at unsuspecting employees.

Jan Fabre

Voina isn’t the only “artist” to throw cats. In 2012, Belgian “artist” Jan Fabre threw several cats into the air in Antwerp, only to watch them fall loudly onto what appears to be a poorly-padded flight of stairs. The good news is that Fabre was attacked seven times by club-wielding men while jogging in the park.

Adel Abdessened

Nothing more than a snuff film disguised as “art,” Parisian Abel Addessened’s exhibit “Don’t Trust Me” was shown at the San Francisco “Art” Institute in 2008. Six video screens showed a horse, sheep, ox, pig, and goat being bludgeoned to death with a sledgehammer.

Wim Delvoye

When Chinese “artist” Wim Delvoye shaves pigs and tattoos them with various words, logos, and smiling faces, they sell for thousands of dollars. Collectors either keep them as pets or purchase the tattooed skins of dead pigs.

Katinka Simonse

The line between Jeffrey Dahmer and Dutch “artist” Katinka Simonse is a thin one at best. Giving live presentations of animal abuse and mutilation, this piece of human garbage goes by the name “Tinkerbell.” She has dismembered dogs, put day-old baby chicks in a shredder, and has killed chicks and put hooks through their bodies so that she could hang them up. Her own cat, Pinkeltjie, hasn’t fared much better. When he was sick, Simonse broke his neck. She claims that it was a “mercy killing” but she can’t quite seem to explain why she then turned the cat’s skin into a handbag. She also claims that she had to kill Pinkeltjie because she couldn’t afford the veterinarian bill. Maybe that’s why, along with fellow “artist” Coralie Vogelaar, she proudly published a book of all the hate mail that she received, and included the addresses of the people who sent her the hate mail. Mark my words: if I ever find out that I only have six months left to live, Katinka Simonse will only have about six hours left to live.

katinka simonse

Guillermo Vargas

It’s probably inappropriate to compare horrors, but in my opinion, this is the worst example of all the “artistic” cruelty. In 2007, Costa Rican “artist” Guillermo Vargas tied a dog to the wall in a Nicaraguan “art” gallery. He kept a bowl of food just out of reach of the dog, and after a few days, he starved to death.


I find this to be the worst example, not just because of the suffering of this poor animal, but because of the countless number of people who could have put a stop to it. I didn’t know about it at the time. If I had, I would’ve spent every last penny I had to fly to Nicaragua, and I can assure you that there is nothing I would not have done (and I do mean nothing) to have put a stop to it. But as the following photograph shows, the “art lovers” just stood around and mingled as if it were any other exhibit; as if they were standing in front of a painting and not a living, breathing, beautiful creature who was suffering unbearably. If you ever need a better example of why the human race needs to be wiped off the face of the planet, look no further than the following photograph.

starving dog in art gallery

All of these things were done in the name of “art.”


12 comments on “So Called “Artists” Who Torture and Murder Animals

  1. Well done, Keith! Speaking of artists who use their (actual) talent for good, like Mark Barone (I’m a huge fan), I’d like to add Sue Coe to your list.

  2. Keith, this is some serious, sick shit going on. Last week I put up a petition on a woman in The Philippines who has a form of “web show” where one pays her a certain amount to watch her torture and/or sexually abuse animals any way the viewer wants.

    It’s a petition to government there to have her arrested.

    How long did it take to get this info together. This is some deep, dark stuff. That exhibit with the dog in Nicaragua is the worst. Or those poor goldfish. What the fuck!?

    Sent from Verizon iPhone Cinco

  3. Lee, I’ll definitely sign and share that petition. It didn’t take too long to gather this information. I remember some of these “artists” throughout the years, and when I recently heard about Hermann Nitsch, I decided to do some research and write about all of the “artists” who have engaged in animal cruelty. From there, I simply typed into Google “Artists who have tortured and murdered animals.” Sadly, as you can see from this post, there are many who have done just that.

  4. GRAVE ERROR: “Copor Esurit” should not be on the list above. At the time of the exhibition the animal rights website that had initial concerns about the piece publically declared that no ants were hurt in the making of the project: http://animalnewyork.com/2010/art-piece-was-not-a-mcdonalds-death-farm-for-ants/.
    Please correct this! Elizabeth Demaray

  5. In fairness to us readers of your considered blog, the inclusion of my piece “Copor Esurit” in the article above is a grave error and may be based on the Huffington Post’s 15 Artists Who Have Enraged Animal Rights Activists—which I just tracked down and corrected. For info on Corpor see http://elizbethdemaray.org/2013/07/17/corpor-esurit-or-we-all-deserve-a-break-today/ Elizabeth

    • I corrected it, and your work is no longer included in this blog. Thank you.

      • Thank you. I would be most grateful if you could also take my name off the list of tags below the post above.
        If you ever want to do a list of artists who help animals–let me know. In addition to Mark Barrone and Marina Dervan, there are plenty of people who are doing good work. All my best, Elizabeth

  6. Katherine Brooks at the Huffington Post just corrected the poorly researched article that your list may have referenced: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/11/13/artists-vs-animals-15-art_n_2124816.html. Please correct the misleading content in the post above. Elizabeth Demaray

  7. In that last piece, Guillermo Vargas did not actually starve the dog, the reason why it was in bad shape was because it was found on the street of Managua,he only put the dog on display for three hours everyday and cared for him when he wasn’t. The dog ran away after three days and did not die in the exhibit as rumored. Honestly it’s a little hypocritical to get so upset over one starving dog on display and not about the hundreds of thousands of starving dogs in the streets.

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