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What The Critics Are Saying About Keith Malek

“No journalist since Hunter S. Thompson has been able to achieve what Keith Malek has achieved: the ability to not only capture today’s biggest stories, but the ability to blend fact with fiction. This isn’t to say that the facts of his stories are incorrect, but rather, the only thing lacking accuracy is his self-deprecating humor. That’s because, all jokes aside, Mr. Malek might very well be the greatest journalist to have ever lived.”

–The New York Times





“Elegant, witty, and insightful, Keith Malek is a refreshing new voice in American literature.”

–The Guardian


“One of the greatest writers of any generation, Malek isn’t afraid to go after the tough stories. And when he does, hilarity often ensues.”

–The Washington Post


“Some believe that Malek isn’t ‘all there.’ And maybe he isn’t. After all, if you spent most of your  career exposing the war crimes of government bigwigs, and then had to endure the inevitable consequences, your ‘elevator wouldn’t go to the top floor’ either. That might be so, but one thing is certain. Keith Malek’s ‘elevator’ has risen to the top of our hearts.”



“To be honest, I haven’t read any of Keith’s writings. Part of me wants to, but I feel like it’s precious time that would be wasted. I mean, why would I want to spend time reading when I could have his penis thrusting in and out of me instead?”

–Jessica Alba


“Seeing his brilliant mind at work, one gets the impression that Malek could have been anything–an astronaut, a surgeon, a high-ranking political figure. But he chose journalism, and we’re all a little better off for it.”

–Malcolm Gladwell, author of The Tipping Point, and Blink


“Leaving cliches and jargon to less talented writers, Keith Malek’s narratives are lucid and provocative.”

–San Francisco Chronicle


“With a mixture of gut-splitting humor and thoughtful analysis, Keith Malek is slowly but surely on his way to becoming an American icon.”

–Bill Maher



–Observer (UK)


“A master of the written word, Malek’s articles should be required reading for every journalism major in the country.”

–Seattle Times


“With a mind that is huge and a cock that is even bigger, Keith Malek is my favorite writer.”

–Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrossio


“Undeniably compelling.”





June 8, 2008


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