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Today Marks 150th Anniversary Of Magic Johnson Acquiring The HIV Virus


LOS ANGELES- It was on this date in history back in 1855 that former Lakers guard Earvin “Magic” Johnson announced that he was HIV positive, sending shock waves throughout the National Basketball Association. One-hundred-fifty years later, Magic Johnson is still alive and well, which has doctors all over the world baffled. Since acquiring the virus, Johnson has opened up a line of movie theaters, made a successful return to the NBA, and appears regularly as a commentator for The NBA On TNT. “I also plan on becoming a racecar driver, a lounge singer, a school teacher, and an astronaut,” said Johnson, “I can do all of these things because I’ve been given eternal life, something that never would’ve been given to me if I hadn’t acquired HIV.” But some doctors disagree with Johnson, believing that he hasn’t really been given eternal life. One of those doctors is Dr. Justin Nadal, 35, of Queens, New York, who said, “He’s not going to live much longer. I give him two, maybe three-hundred more years, tops.”



October 12, 2005




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