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Po-tay-to Po-tot-o Arguers Refuse To Call The Whole Thing Off


TOPEKA, KANSAS- For twenty-three years, Florence Aievoli and her sister Dorothy have been having an argument, and it appears as if that argument isn’t going to end any time soon. It started one night at the dinner table back in 1982, when Florence asked Dorothy to pass the “mashed po-tot-oes.” Dorothy responded, “What the hell is a po-tot-o,” and they’ve been arguing ever since. Florence, 72, and Dorothy, 68, live with their sister, Margaret, 70, in a small farmhouse in Topeka, Kansas. Says Margaret, “It’s not as if they argue twenty-four hours a day. They both sleep eight hours a day, and they take breaks while they bathe, eat, and go to the bathroom. The rest of the time is spent arguing though.” Margaret is the one who does the cooking, and she makes it a point to never cook potatoes, in the hope that her sisters will finally stop arguing. She also makes it a point to never serve tomatoes, saying, “For years, Florence and Dorothy argued about that as well, Florence calling it a ‘tom-o-to.’ Finally, in June of 1991, Florence gave in and admitted that she was wrong.” But Florence swears that she won’t lose the ‘po-tot-o’ argument: “I just refuse to give in. We’ll argue until one of us finally dies. Even if I die first, it won’t matter because I’ll know that I was right.” Obviously, Dorothy disagrees, saying, “I’d like to see her go to Idaho and call it a po-tot-o. They’d laugh her right out of the state.” You can visit Dorothy’s website at http://www.florenceisacunt.com.



October 25, 2005


One comment on “Po-tay-to Po-tot-o Arguers Refuse To Call The Whole Thing Off

  1. Good one. Interesting congressional hearing if it ever goes that far!

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