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Qadaffi’s Actions Prompt Ron Jeremy To Attack Labia


LOS ANGELES– Two weeks after Muammar Qaddafi began to kill his own people, porn star and human rights activist Ron Jeremy has vowed to attack labia until the dictator steps down from power. “Mr. Qaddafi’s actions are atrocious,” said Jeremy, “and until he steps down, I’m going to destroy as much labia as possible.” Asked whether or not he believes that Jeremy could possibly be bluffing, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said, “Oh, absolutely not. Mr. Jeremy has both the proper weapon, as well as the desire, to enact some real change.” Jeremy promised to “take no prisoners,” saying, “Even if I have to cross the labian border into neighboring Vulva or Clitoris, Qaddafi will be brought to justice.”



March 13, 2011



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