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Egyptian Protesters Glad It’s Friday, Looking Foward To Protesting Again On Monday


CAIRO, EGYPT– Chants of “Down with Mubarak” have been replaced by chants of “TGIF” as thousands of protesters stormed the nations capital in celebration of the fact that the weekend is finally here. “After a week of dodging rubber bullets and tear gas, I’m looking forward to a couple of days of some much needed R&R,” explained Ahmed Saleh Rahmani, a protester whose brother was murdered on Tuesday by the Egyptian military. “I don’t have anything big planned,” he said. “I’m just going to take care of some things around the house, read a good book, and relax.Nothing fancy. It will be pretty low key, but I’m looking forward to it.” Keeping it “low key” was an idea that was common among the protesters, like Abdul Sharif Sahmed, who said that he plans on going to the movies this weekend. “Let’s not forget that it’s Oscar season,” Sahmed told reporters, “and I was thinking of going to see The King’s Speech.” A look of anger then flashed across his face as he screamed, “Then again, I don’t really want to see anything having to do with kings right now since that’s exactly what Mubarak is. He refers to himself as a ‘president’ but only kings stay in office for thirty years and…” Sahmed paused, calmed himself down, and then said, “No no no. That can wait until Monday. For now, I just want to focus on the fact it’s Friday.”
   Many of the protesters plan on frequenting the various pubs and nightclubs throughout Cairo. “I don’t know about you,” said protester Ramsey Sirhan Mustafa, “but after a week of fighting a revolution, I could use a Heineken or two. Or ten.” Khalif Basset Rajahari echoed Mustaffa’s sentiments. “I’m not saying that the revolution is an excuse to go out and get trashed,” he said. “In fact, after last week’s round of protests, my wife and I drove up the coast and spent the weekend at a lovely bed and breakfast in Resetta. But after Mubarak announced that he would merely be replaced by Vice President Suleiman, well, that’s enough to make anyone want to drink.”
   Regardless of what the protesters weekend plans might include, one thing is certain: they will be out in the streets again on Monday. “We’ve already come this far,” said protester Yusef Ali Bengali. “So you better believe that once I get done cleaning out my garage and watching the Caprica marathon on the Syfy channel this weekend, I will be right back out on the streets come Monday morning.”
February 11, 2011

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