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16 Years Later, 6 People Who Were Killed By Religion Honored In Religious Ceremony


NEW YORK CITY– Yesterday marked the sixteenth anniversary of the first attack on the world Trade Center. On that snowy day back in 1993, six New Yorkers were killed by Islamic fundamentalists when a truck bomb exploded in the basement of Tower 1. Sixteen years later, families of the victims who were killed in the religious attack gathered for a religious ceremony at St. Peter’s Church in Lower Manhattan.


“This mass was extremely cathartic,” said a learning disabled Evelyn Brown, whose husband, Timothy Brown, was killed in the attack. “Just sitting here and reflecting on the fact that he’s now with God makes me feel so much better.”


Brown wasn’t the only learning disabled congregant to find solace in the religious ceremony. Dennis Osprey’s father, Michael Osprey, was a janitor at the World Trade Center. “My faith in God never grew so strong as when I found out that my father was killed by men in the name of God,” said Osprey, a man with a poor understanding of both irony and hypocrisy.


When Samantha Treberth lost her brother in the 1993 bombing, she too found comfort in her Christian faith. That faith was what brought her to St. Peter’s Church yesterday. “I know that my brother was murdered because of people’s belief in God, but that’s only because the people who killed him believed in the wrong God,” said Treberth, who also believes that the best cure for a headache is to smash one’s head into a wall. “Unlike Muslims, Christians would never kill random people in the name of God,” she added while conveniently forgetting about the Crusades.


Like Treberth, Betty Hodson also refused to give up her faith in God after her son, Roger Hodson, was killed in the bombing, saying that it was “God’s will.” “It was obviously a part of God’s plan that He wanted my Roger brought back to Him, so He created those terrorists and made them believe in a false God, all so that they could bring Roger back to Heaven.”


Eight years later, on September 11, 2001, God’s plan resulted in the deaths of 2,974 additional people.


As of the time that this article went to press, religion has still not been outlawed.



February 27, 2009



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