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Toddler Who Drowned In Bucket Had Dreams Of Becoming A Janitor


QUEENS– James Finley, the eleven-month-old baby who drowned in a bucket on Monday, dreamed of becoming a janitor, according to his parents. “Even though he was less than a year old, James was constantly sweeping and mopping the floors,” said a grief stricken Linda Finley, James’s mother. “It might sound strange, but it was obvious that James was already aspiring to become a custodial technician.” Finley died on Monday after falling face-first into a bucket at a private daycare center in the Kew Gardens section of Queens. In addition to his constant cleaning of the floors, James’s favorite bedtime story was “The Tale Of Johnny The Janitor” by L.B. Brown. “Every night, before I put him to bed, I would thrust a stack of childrens books toward James, and without fail, he would always choose that one,” said Linda. “It didn’t matter where it was in the pile. He would just sort through the stack until he came to that one, and then he’d point to it.” Howard Finley, James’s father, told reporters that James used to “naturally gravitate” to the boiler room in their building. “It defies explanation,” said Howard, a computer programmer. “James’s grandfather was a janitor, but he died back in 1998, so James never even met him.”


That might be so, but one thing remains certain: the eleven-month-old died while pursuing his dream. “There was obviously something very special about him,” said Krystal Kahn, the woman in charge of the daycare center. “He was less than a year old, but you could tell that he already had that spark of ambition.” Khan wiped a tear from her eye, and added, “Now that he’s gone, I wonder who the hell is going to clean the floors around here.”



June 17, 2009


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