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Jury Duty Part 9

Day 6 (Thursday, October 11) Part 2

I had a feeling that ADA Walsh was going to have a “field day” while cross-examining Terrence Boyd, and I was right. First of all, he asked Boyd to once again state the reason why he shoved the gun up his sleeve after he allegedly took it from Ghost. This time, Boyd’s answer was even better: “Well, I put the gun up my sleeve because that’s just a natural instinct for me. I do that all the time because every time I go into a store, I steal something.” I will reiterate that this trial was the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

Walsh asked, “You stated earlier that when the cops chased you into 988 Greene, you gave them a false name because you didn’t want to go back to jail, correct?”

“Yeah, that’s correct.”

“The last time you went to jail, what were you doing before that, for money?”

“I was selling drugs.”

“When you got out of jail, what did you do to make money?”

“I sold drugs.”

“You sold drugs again?”


“Well, if you were afraid of going back to jail, why did you immediately start selling drugs again?”

Good question.

“I had to. What else was I gonna do?”

“You had no choice?”

“No. You don’t know how the streets are.”

“Fine. Then tell me this…when the cops chased you into 988 Greene and asked you your name, what name did you give them?”

“Travis Boyd.”

“And at the time of the murder, where was your brother, Travis Boyd?”

“In prison.”

“In prison?”


Enter the Hasidics.

“You stated earlier that you gave them the name Travis Boyd because, if your name appeared on a police report, you would automatically go to jail, correct?”


“So then…when the police asked you for your name, why did you give them the name of someone who was in jail?”


“…I…I,” stammered Boyd.

“Did you think that giving them the name of someone who was supposed to be in prison wouldn’t also automatically put you back in jail?”

“…I was nervous,” said Boyd.

“Under the conditions of your parole, are you allowed to be out after 10:00?”


“Well, when you went to your mother’s house in the Bronx the night of the murder, were you back in Bed-Stuy by 10:00?”


“Under the conditions of your parole, are you allowed to get on a bus and go all the way down to Jacksonville, Florida?”


“Then why did you?”

“…Because…like I said…I didn’t want to go back to jail.”

“But that doesn’t answer my question. By going down to Florida and violating your probation, you were going to go back to jail anyway.”


“So then why did you go down to Florida?”

“Because…I didn’t want to be accused of this crime.”

“Well, tell me something. Deron Powell was your friend, right?”


“When Ghost supposedly shot him, did you call 911?”


“Did you put pressure on Deron’s wound?”


“Did you kneel down on the ground next to him and say, “Come on, buddy. Stay with me?”


“Did you visit him in the hospital?”


“The next day, did you make an anonymous call to the police, saying that you saw Ghost shoot Deron?”


And with that, there was no longer a need for Boyd to go to jail, for he had already gotten his asshole reamed by Walsh.

October 11, 2006


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