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Jury Duty Part 3

Day 2 (Wednesday, October 4) Part 2


After lunch, we heard opening statements. ADA Walsh went first. But before I tell you what he said, I first want to tell you something that you’ll find to be unbelievably shocking. In fact, you probably won’t believe me. However, I need you to keep an open mind, and I want you to trust me, because what I’m about to tell you–no matter how shocking it may very well be–is the absolute truth. Here it is…the defendant…was black! No, really! I swear to God!

Anyway, in his opening statement, Walsh told us that on October 21, 2004, on Patchen Avenue in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn, Terrence Boyd shot and killed his childhood friend, Deron Powell. Terrence killed Deron because Terrence’s brother, Travis, had previously stabbed Deron, and Deron made a statement to the police, implicating Travis in the stabbing. According to Walsh, right when Terrence shot Deron, two officers in a police van had been driving by, and they heard the gunshot. Both cops got out of the van and chased Boyd to the corner of Patchen Avenue and Van Buren Street. At that corner, Boyd made a left, and the cops chased him north, up Van Buren. While they were chasing him up Van Buren, they saw Boyd throw an object into someones front yard. Van Buren runs directly into Malcolm X Boulevard. On the corner of Malcolm X Boulevard and Van Buren Street, Boyd made a left, and then he made a left on the next block, which is Greene Avenue. He proceeded to run south down Greene Avenue, with the two cops still in pursuit. So, basically, Boyd pretty much ran in a circle. He then ran into an apartment building on 988 Greene Avenue. Police officers searched the building, and they found Boyd in an apartment, out of breath. They asked him what his name was, and he gave the police a false name. A little while later, Boyd went to his mother’s house in the Bronx. He then told his mother (Loretta) and his sister (Jacoby) that he shot Deron Powell, saying “Deron talks too much.” Walsh then said, “And I’m going to do everything in my power to try to get the defendant’s mother and sister up on the stand to testify that the defendant confessed to this murder.” “Yeah right,” I said to myself, “I’m sure that that’s going to happen.” Walsh then said that the day after the shooting, with practically no money to his name, Boyd took a Greyhound bus to his uncle’s house in Jacksonville, Florida. A few days later, New York City detectives went down to Florida and arrested him. When they brought him into the police station for questioning, Boyd signed three different statements implicating himself in the murder, and also made a video statement. On top of all of this, Walsh informed us that all of Terrence Boyd’s friends and family called him “T,” and that after being shot, Deron Powell told the police officer that put him in the ambulance that T shot him.

Guardanino gave his opening statement. He asked the jury to use their common sense, which, based on what we heard so far, seemed like a bad idea if he wanted to win this case. He said that the cops never saw Boyd’s face when they were chasing him. He said, “There’s a reason that the defendant was found in an apartment on 988 Greene. It’s because he lives there.” He did not, however, come up with a reason as to why Boyd was out of breath at the time. Guardanino then said that two of the three written confessions weren’t even in Boyd’s handwriting. “And as for Mr. Boyd’s mother testifying against him…”said Guardanino, “we all know that, sometimes, our own relatives can be more spiteful than anyone.” He had a point. Hell, I hate my brother so much that if I ever witness a murder on my block, I’m going to tell the cops that I saw my brother do it, even though he lives all the way down in Kentucky.

By the end of Guardanino’s opening statement, it was already 4:45, and we were excused until the next day.



October 4, 2006



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