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IJT (I Just Told)


For the past eighteen months, there has been a secret bar on 113 St. Marks Place between First Ave and Avenue A called PDT, which stands for Please Don’t Tell. The unmarked entrance is hidden behind an old wooden phone booth inside of Criff Dogs, a place that sells hot dogs. Pick up the receiver, and a hostess opens the back wall of the booth.


I’ve never actually been to this place, but I’ll be going there on Saturday. How did I find out about it? I would like to say that it’s because I’m America’s greatest living journalist and that, as a result, nothing occurs in this city without my knowledge. I would be wrong though, because, like every other thing in this city that’s “secretive,” Time Out New York just wrote an article about it.


They gave it four out of six stars, but PDT has its drawbacks. The review said that reservations are “recommended, though single stools at the bar are not impossible to score on weeknights.” Reservations? For a bar? Also, the average cocktail is $12, meaning that I will only have one, and then I’ll never go back there again. Regardless, I felt this information was worth sharing.


You never know when you’re going to have to hide from the cops.




November 4, 2008


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