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Add This Term To The Glossary That One Needs While Speaking To Me

Last weekend, I was at one of my favorite bars, Nevada Smith’s, when an advertisement for the video game Guitar Hero came on the television screen. At the time, I had been talking to Eileen, a regular customer there, and she told me that she plays Guitar Hero all the time. I asked her if she could play it with her teeth.

“Um…no,” she said. “Why would I want to play it with my teeth?”

I explained to her that I know a guy named Johnny B, the lead guitarist of The Dirty Pearls who can do just that with a real guitar.

Eileen smiled and said, “Wow! I would love to know a man who is that good with his mouth!”

It was ironic that she said that, because several months ago, The Dirty Pearls went on a west coast tour, and they were interviewed by a reporter from Rock And Roll TV. The reporter asked Johnny B about why he plays the guitar with his teeth, and his response was, “I like doing it because it reminds me of eating pussy.”

Eileen laughed at this story, and we both agreed that from now on, the new term for cunnilingus will be Guitar Hero.



April 10, 2008


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