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Since Jesus Is Made Of Chocolate, Controversial Snickers Ad Will Now Be Re-Aired

LOS ANGELES– Now that it’s been established that Jesus Christ is made out of chocolate, ad executives have decided to re-air the controversial Snickers commercial that was eventually taken off the air back in February. The ad, which was first aired during Superbowl XLI, showed two men accidentally kissing while simultaneously eating a Snickers bar. Homophobic, religious lunatics across the country were outraged by the ad, and within two weeks, it was taken off the air. However, following the shocking disclosure that Jesus Christ is made out of chocolate, those very same lunatics are now demanding that the ad be shown again. “If Christ is made out of chocolate, then by all means, let’s advertise some chocolate,” said Randy Hoff, a religious homophobe from Bethesda, Maryland.

Of course, what this means is that homophobes everywhere must acknowledge that Christ is tolerant of gays, a fact that has made many people within the gay community extremely happy. One of those people is Gary Reilly of Brooklyn, New York, who said, “It’s about time that we as homosexuals are finally treated with the respect that we deserve.”

When interviewed, Jesus Christ said that he was “happy to help endorse Snickers, even though Butterfinger is my favorite.”



April 1, 2007


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