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“My Sweet Lord” Spawns Strange New Reality TV Show

NEW YORK CITY– “My Sweet Lord,” the controversial sculpture made out of chocolate that depicts Jesus Christ being crucified from an invisible cross, has prompted a strange new reality TV show. Produced by Bill Maher, the show will be aired on NBC next fall, and it will star Cardinal Edward Egan. “The basic premise of the show is that we’re going to lock Cardinal Egan in a room with the “My Sweet Lord” sculpture, and we’re not going to feed him,” said Maher. “The show will be exciting in that viewers will wait to see how long it takes the Cardinal to finally take a bite out of Jesus.” Maher is expecting the ratings of the shows season finale to be “through the roof.” “That’s when, with no other body parts left, Egan will be forced to either eat Jesus’ cock, or starve to death,” said Maher. When asked whether or not he thinks the show would last more than one season, Maher said, “Oh, absolutely. Rudy Giuliani, Jesse Helms, Jerry Falwell. Each season will star a different art-phobic, religious wacko.”

As for the name of the show, Maher is currently torn between “Test Of Faith” and “Hungry For The Lord’s Strength.”

March 31, 2007


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