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Former Atheist Turns Into A “Chocolate Fearing Believer”

PEARL RIVER, NJ– Before Jesus Christ returned in the form of a chocolate sculpture, Roy Krugman shrugged off all notions of religion as being “silly.” But now that six feet of rich, milk chocolatey holiness was displayed in a New York art gallery, Krugman is no longer laughing. “I hope that Jesus forgives my skepticism,” said Krugman. “I am human, and therefore, I am fallible. Either way, I am now a chocolate fearing believer.”

But Krugman pointed out that he wasn’t always an atheist. Up until a few years ago, I used to believe that God is a DJ and that life is a dance floor,” said Krugman. “But once I realized that even Rich Svich could DJ, I was no longer impressed.”



April 1, 2007


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