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Heath Ledger Unlikely To Attend 2009 Academy Awards

LOS ANGELES– Despite the fact that he has been nominated for Best Actor for his role in The Dark Knight, Heath Ledger will not be attending the 2009 Academy Awards, sources close to the dead actor said yesterday. “I’m sure that Heath would be honored by the nomination,” said Ledger’s ex-wife, Michelle Williams, “but at the same time, he never believed in turning art into competition. Therefore, Heath will not be attending the 2009 Oscars.”

But many people within the medical community believe that even if Ledger wanted to attend the ceremony, it would be physically impossible. “Corpses have been known to involuntarily twitch from time to time,” said Kieron Slattery, a New York City coroner. “However, the chances of Mr. Ledger being able to twitch so much that he undigs his grave, hops on a plane, and flies to Los Angeles are slim to none.”  If Ledger wins the Oscar, he would be only the second actor to receive the award posthumously. Peter Finch won a Best Actor Oscar for playing TV anchorman Howard Beale in 1976’s Network. Finch, who had died of a heart attack a month before winning his posthumous Oscar, also failed to attend the awards show.

The 81st Academy Awards will air on ABC on February 22.



January 29, 2009


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