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It’s Get, It’s Get, It’s Gettin’ Kinda Hectic

If you’re wondering how such a tremendous breach of justice could have occurred in the Michael Jackson trial, I suggest that you read an article in AOL News entitled “Jurors Criticize Accusor’s Mother.” According to the article, Juror #5 said, “I disliked it intensely when she snapped her fingers at us. That’s when I thought ‘Don’t snap your fingers at me, lady.'” What this stupid cunt needed to keep in mind was that this trial wasn’t about her. It was about children whose lives will be ruined forever because of a sick freak who looks like an alien. And keep in mind that I don’t, by any means, have a soft spot in my heart for children. I have an intense hatred for ninety-eight percent percent of the adults that i come in contact with on a daily basis, and I see children as being nothing more than the next generation of fucked up adults. They’ll never admit it, but the only reason why people have children in the first place is because they’re bored and they want something to play with. Regardless, you don’t have to have a soft spot in your heart for children to recognize the fact that anyone who molests a child should should be castrated, tortured and killed. Keeping that in mind, i should mention that if i were to have a child, and if that child were to be molested, I would probably be in a pretty foul mood. If Michael Jackson were to molest my child, I would’nt snap my fingers. I would put a bullet in his head. But hey, different people react in different ways when they’re angry. Either way, if i was a juror, it wouldn’t matter to me if the accusor’s mother was so angry that she began to throw jars of her own urine at me; I would still remember that I was there in an effort to administer justice. Sadly, this isn’t what happened. What happened was there were jurors who, acting like typical fucking human beings, couldn’t wait for the opportunity to finally have a little bit of power in their lives, because the previous night’s episode of Hope & Faith was a re-run, which put them in a bad mood and made them curse their place in this world. And to top it all off, the accusor’s mother was snapping her fingers at them, and now, God damn it, it’s payback time! The sad part is that these very same people are probably opposed to stem cell research because “it’s like playing God.”

Perhaps I’ve gone off on a tangent? Yes, I must stay focused. After all, this blog is not about stem cell research, or Hope & Faith, or even about the Michael Jackson trial. It’s about rap music. You see, like most of my blogs, this one started out by making a lot of sense, but then it took a sudden, unexpected turn for the worse. Juror #5 of the Michael Jackson trial was on a power trip, and it was inspired by a woman who was snapping her fingers. In 1990, there was a hit song called “I’ve Got The Power,” and it was by a rap group by the name of Snap. You can either shrug this off as a mere coincidence, or you can put two and two together and reach the conclusion that it was actually Snap who was molesting those children.

I’ll leave that up to you.



June 27, 2005


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